budapest airport transfer

Booking Your Budapest Airport Transfers

Getting Budapest airport transfers are fast and easy. Within 35 minutes you will reach the busiest part of the country, the city center. You will find all the great things the place has to offer.

If you are arriving in a group, you can take a private airport shuttle transfer. You should organize your airport transfer to your hotel, and then when your trips are done, the same mode of transfer will take you back to the airport.

Airport Transfer via Express Bus

Express bus N100E can carry you from the Budapest airport to the center within 45 to 60 minutes. The ride will cost you 2.70 euros. You can purchase the tickets in three ways—one through the counter of the transport company at terminal 2B. You can also buy tickets directly from the bus by using the ticket machines and online.

budapest airport transfer

The express bus will not accept cards. The first trip will leave the terminal at 5 am, and the travel time is within 45 to 60 minutes. From the airport, the bus will pass Kalvin ter M., then to Astoria M. and the Deak Ferenc ter M.

Airport Transfer via Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttle No200E will transfer you to the closest metro station within 30 minutes. If there is traffic along the way, the travel time may increase. You can purchase the tickets at the newsstands located in the terminals, at the ticket machines, and the post office situated on the ground floor of Terminal 2.

You can also take the airport bus No. 900 that runs at nighttime from 11:30 in the evening to 3:30 in the morning with 30 minutes interval. The bus will travel from the airport to the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky metro station.

Train Transfer

You can take the train station near Terminal 1 with Hungarian Station Railways operating it. The trip from Budapest airport to the city center will take you within 30 minutes. The ticket price is 1.2 Euro, which you can purchase at a ticket machine, newsstand and from the driver. However, this transfer is not available at night.

Airport Transfer via Taxi

If you are looking for convenience and you are carrying luggage with you, the taxi is the best route. This type of transportation is beneficial if you arrive at the airport at night as the taxis are available 24 hours a day. Most riders of taxis are families traveling with kids and tourists that carry large luggage. You can reach the city center within 35 minutes, and it will cost you 37 Euro for economy-class vehicles and 53 Euro for a minibus.

Transfer via A-Rent-A-Car

Rent a car is also available. You can drive yourself from Budapest Airport to the central. You need to have a credit card, an IDL, and a passport. These cars can be rented by drivers 25 years old and above. Some may allow those under 25 to drive the vehicle, but they need to pay the fees for driving with a lack of experience.

budapest airport shuttle

Insurance is included in the price of car rental. Purchase the green card or the international insurance card in case you need to leave Hungary. Keep in mind that rental companies will not return your deposit if you encounter an accident under the influence of alcohol or drugs.